How We Met

Matt and Krista met in the fall of 2014 waiting in line for free hot dogs at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Soon after, a successful and very chatty coffee date led to dinner, and then to a movie, and so on. Three years and many long distance stints later, Matt made plans to ask Krista to marry him. After several thwarted proposal attempts, Matt brought Krista to a beautiful floral observatory, blanketed by the sweet aroma of pink lilies. Can you see where this is going?

After enjoying the sights and scents, Krista got up from a bench and decided it was time to go home and relax. As she was leaving, Matt said, "Wait, there's a very important question I have to ask you." When she turned around, Matt was down on one knee displaying a special, sparkly accessory. She mumbled "Yes!" and nodded through a waterfall of happy tears. The remainder of the week was spent celebrating with 4th of July fireworks, local craft beer, and waiting in line for a hot dog.

Our Journey of Love

Love at First Sight | Duluth, Minnesota
First "I Love You" | Paris, France
First Apartment | Minneapolis, Minnesota
Engagement | Seattle, Washington
I do | Chaska, Minnesota